We are specialist growers of equestrian quality haylage and hay with over 35 years experience producing and supplying to many horse owners

  • We supply quality haylage in North Derbyshire and South Yorkshire. Other areas available. Contact us for details.
  • All haylage is grown and harvested by us in the beautiful Derbyshire countryside. Delivery service throughout the year.
  • Bale sizes to suit all situations from one pony upwards.
  • High dry matter with six layers of top quality film. No additives are used.
  • Full guarantee on all bales. Any faulty bales exchanged.
  • Year round supply if ordered in advance.
  • We have been making haylage specifically for horses for 25 years and have the experience to make the product to suit all horses. Bales off different fields are stacked separately so we can select a type of grass to suit your horse.
  • Straw available in .90 x .80 x 2.4m square bales.

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